Scottish Tablet Company- Wedding Favours

Scottish Tablet Company- Wedding Favours:

For over a thousand years, since the early days of European History, favours have been given to celebrate special occasions.

Heart shaped tablet box

Every detail of a good wedding is filled with special meaning, and modern day favours are a “thank-you” which are given by the bride to symbolise special acknowledgement of friends and relatives sharing the joy of her wedding day.

Tablet handbag

Our Scottish Tablet favours or courtesy boxes are filled with our handmade tablet (flavour of your choice) and tied with ribbon to match your colour scheme. All adornments and ribbons are hand tied and curled.

Tablet pillow

If you prefer, we can also supply our Handmade Scottish Tablet in Mini Bite-Size pieces for you to prepare your own Wedding Favours.

Tablet box

Whatever your requirement for that special day, contact us HERE

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