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About Us

About the Scottish Tablet Company:

The Scottish Tablet Company is based in the beautiful town of Campbeltown, on the Kintyre peninsula Our aim: to bring the authentic taste of Scottish Tablet to the world.

We realised that many people throughout the world have never had the pleasure of tasting Scottish Tablet. Even our neighbours in England and Wales confuse Scottish Tablet with fudge or toffee; it is neither, Scottish Tablet has a flavour and texture all of its own.

You can buy Scottish Tablet throughout Scotland; unfortunately, most of the tablet is made on a commercial basis, with preservatives added to give it a longer shelf life. The creaminess and true flavour is often lost in the process.

The secret to making the finest Scottish Tablet is twofold – the best ingredients and patience. We only use the best ingredients and we have a lot of patience so our Scottish Tablet is excellent. However, the proof is in the eating. So go ahead spoil yourself! Order some from us today.

Scottish Tablet Company, Annfield House, Argyll Street, Campbeltown, Argyll PA28 6AZ
Tel: 01586 552423 | e:mail: